About Us

Like many other successful businesses, Construct Recruitment hit the ground running in 2000 when its founding Partners, Damon Newall and Mark O’Connor, set out to fill a seemingly gaping hole in the employment market. 

Both involved in London’s construction industry, Damon as a builder/carpenter, Mark as a Civil Engineer, they recognised the need for a consistent supply of QUALITY, QUALIFIED construction professionals to the industry.

Instantly welcomed by construction companies willing to pay the right money to employ highly skilled, reliable staff, Construct very quickly became recognised as one of Greater London’s most respected construction recruitment firms. 

This acceptance has developed into long standing, trusted relationships with many of the UK’s largest construction companies tired of ‘paying peanuts and getting monkeys’.

International Reach

And Construct’s network isn’t only restricted to the UK.  Having placed skilled tradesmen as far afield as Dubai, Monaco, Bahrain and Alaska, Construct has proved time and time again that quality outperforms quantity every time and, by doing so, has gained the trust of some of the building industry’s top contractors.

Expansion Into Australasia

2011 sees Construct begin to realise a growth dream with its expansion into the Australasian construction industries.  Having formed strong relationships and dialogues with Australian and New Zealand building companies over the years and with several thousand ex-employees now living back in Australia and New Zealand, it is time to offer Australasia the same level of skill and reliability as we have created elsewhere.